Apple Allow Printing on iPhone/iPod Touch

The iPod Touch and the iPhone devices from apple are some of the most advanced devices out there today and now, Apple are going to introduce something new to the devices. Apple has released a beta version of their Airprint printing software that will be available for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices. Apple have said that this will be released in November as part of the iOS 4.2 operating system upgrade for the devices.

The idea of the Airprint software is that it will automatically find printers on a local network and then it will allow you to print directly from your iPhone and iPod Touch devices. You will be able to print photos, text, graphics and documents from any iOS devices without having to install any kind of software or drivers. There are already a few apps out there that allow you to do this but there is nothing out there that supports a vast range of printers.

HP are also planning to release a new series of printers that have Eprint installed and these are said to be compatible with the new Airprint software. There are rumours that Apple might be working with HP in order to offer their customers this wireless printing facility from the IOS 4.2 devices but it has not being confirmed. Printing from the iPhone and iPod touch will make a lot of people’s lives much easier and it should have been brought to the devices a long time ago.

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