Creating a Playlist on the iPod Touch

Creating a Playlist on the iPod Touch

iPod touch is generally for the purpose of hearing music and watching videos. Though it is easy to add songs and videos to the iPod touch some people still don’t know how to create a playlist on the iPod touch. There are five steps to create a playlist on the iPod touch, they are as follows.

The first step on creating playlist on ipod touch is to locate the song you want to include in you On-The playlist.

The second step is to click and hold the select button until the song flashes.

The third step is to select all the songs that you want to be in you playlist

The next step is after all songs are added, go to main menu, in your iPod select music and then select playlists. You can also add the songs to the playlist using the drag and drop option in which u just need to drag the songs and drop in the playlist dialog box.

The final step on creating playlist on ipod touch is to scroll down and select the On-The-Go playlist.

Thus the playlists are created in your iPod. An iPod can contain many playlists as per its storage memory. Name the playlists in an understanding and different names so that it will be easy for you to select the playlist in some fraction of second and then listen to nice music.

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