Apple iPad 2 Forces Rivals to Lower Prices

Just last week, Apple announced the release of their next generation tablet computing device; the iPad 2. After the launch of the hugely successful iPad device around this time last year, Apple have been working extremely hard on making a device that actually betters the original. As well as this, there have been many other companies working on devices that also better the iPad as well. However, it is now thought that many of the competitors have to rethink their plans after the original iPad was actually cut in price by Apple with the iPad 2 device staying at the same price of $499.

It is thought that the announcement of the reductions in the iPad device and the release of the iPad 2 is causing around two or three other devices to postpone their launch. The price of the original iPad has fallen by around 20 percent which has caused a huge problem for other manufacturers who have been developing rival products. With the iPad 2 being packed with tonnes more features for the same price as the original iPad was, competitors are basically flummoxed by Apple once again and it is thought that it would be a great achievement if non-Apple tablet computers manage to gain even 20 percent of the market.

It is expected that there could be delays of up to two weeks for some of the competitors with some even planning to avoid the iPad 2 launch completely.

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