Apple solves the low battery problem from iOS 5 with the new iOS 5.0.1

Apple has acknowledged in a statement to AllThingsD that “A few customers have reported that the battery life is less than expected on iOS5 devices. We found that the bug affects the battery and will release a software update for it in a few weeks”.


In recent days many users of Apple products have complained of problems caused by the battery life, but they have occurred after the new iOS 5 was released and iPhone 4S was released last month. The problem seems to vary depending on network usage and other factors.

Despite these problems of batteries, iPhone 4S broke records in terms of sales.

The upgrades that Apple has speaking seems that has already made its presence felt in the iOS 5.0.1 Beta version, has been sent to developers for testing.

Following many complaints about the battery life, Apple acknowledged that there is a problem with iOS 5 and they acted accordingly to eliminate the problem in a new update: 5.0.1

Some of those who had problems with the battery life in iOS 5 has launched theories under which the blame for a low battery it was because of the automatic detection option (automatic time zone detection), and if it is off extends the battery life. However, after many complaints, Apple examined this issue and has released a new update and fixed the bug.

The improvements that Apple promises in the new update are:

–          Fixing bug that affects the battery life.

–          Adding to the original iPhone multitasking gestures.

–          Solved the bugs related to Documents from iCloud.

–          Improved the voice recognition dictation for Australian users.

–          Improvements in security.

–          iOS 5.0.1 beta introduces a new way that developers can specify which files should remain on the terminal even in sine situation on the memory is low.

So far the update is in beta testing and is available for developers. Until then, iOS 5 users will encounter the same problems with the battery life.

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