With the release of the latest software and firmware upgrade, iPod Touch 1.1.4 and the applications running on it have considerably given a boost performance-wise. In addition to this, the existing features of the already powerful iPod Touch have improved significantly. Firstly the audio quality has improved so you will observe quite a difference in the same old music that you heard. Also, with a good number of bug fixes, you can definitely expect a better performance from your iPod Touch.

Lastly, the version 1.1.4 will prepare the users to run SDK applications. With more and more developers showing interest in the iPod Touch applications, Apple has modified several files to prepare the iPod touch version 1.1.4 to run the applications made using Apple’s SDK or Software Development Kit. This will surely increase the popularity of the iPod Touch in programming circles.

Even though this version, 1.1.4 cannot be jail broken conventionally, hackers have broken using Ziphone, a jail breaking software for previous iPod touch versions which is used to hack the iPhone also. However, this version is good enough to run a good number of application like flytunes, which enables radio listening, iSMS, which allows multi user SMS and faux-GPS, a navigation program. Apart from these common iPod Touch applications, many more of them can be easily accessed on this firmware upgrade, so it is highly recommended that you get yourself one. But be warned before jail breaking, because it can lead to complete corruption of your device.

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