With the release of the latest software and firmware upgrade, iPod Touch 1.1.4 and the applications running on it have considerably given a boost performance-wise. In addition to this, the existing features of the already powerful iPod Touch have improved significantly. Firstly the audio quality has improved so you will observe quite a difference in the same old music that you heard. Also, with a good number of bug fixes, you can definitely expect a better performance from your iPod Touch.

Lastly, the version 1.1.4 will prepare the users to run SDK applications. With more and more developers showing interest in the iPod Touch applications, Apple has modified several files to prepare the iPod touch version 1.1.4 to run the applications made using Apple’s SDK or Software Development Kit. This will surely increase the popularity of the iPod Touch in programming circles.

Even though this version, 1.1.4 cannot be jail broken conventionally, hackers have broken using Ziphone, a jail breaking software for previous iPod touch versions which is used to hack the iPhone also. However, this version is good enough to run a good number of application like flytunes, which enables radio listening, iSMS, which allows multi user SMS and faux-GPS, a navigation program. Apart from these common iPod Touch applications, many more of them can be easily accessed on this firmware upgrade, so it is highly recommended that you get yourself one. But be warned before jail breaking, because it can lead to complete corruption of your device.

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  1. does this application applicable to non jailbroken iPod?mine is version 1.1.5..8gb..1st gen..please help or mail me

  2. hi plz help me
    i have a ipod touch 16gb i brought it from US in the year Aug 2008 version 2.1.1 (5F138)
    my problem is i have downloaded many games on my itunes stores but when i sync only few games are transfer to my itouch and the rest r not coming how can i transfer them to my ipod touch

  3. Add this: repo.applerepo.com in your installer.app , then follow the steps there to get the ipod Touch 1.1.4 Apps. Make sure that you use 1.1.4 jailbroken ipod touch Firmware. Its not work with latest iPod Touch OS.

  4. Hello I’m trying to download the1.1.4 apps but don’t know how and ppl are saying to type it in instaler or something and I don’t know were to get instaler or wht it is so if some1 could help me that would be nice. ThAnks

  5. does it matter if my ipod touch is version 1.1.4 and my games are not
    and how do you get the games from itunes (after downloading them) onto my ipodd ???

  6. i install iTunes and downloaded some free games form iPod (4 GB) but the games can’t transfer into my iPod. why?????

  7. Hi, i have an ipod touch 8g version 1.1.4 I have difficulty in getting games from iTunes. I then, realizes that my iPod touch do not have “app store” so whenever i make a purchase, it didn’t work. I just see the “app store logo” in iTunes in the PC but not in my iPod touch. Please someone help me. Do i need to download “app store” when can i see that downloads?


  8. please read this:::::

  9. Hi Karthik Iyer, what Kind iPod touch Application do you need? for Ipod Touch 1.1.4 apps, you could add repo.applerepo.com in your installer.app

  10. I need to download few applications to iPOD…But where to download from.

    Kindly guide me.


  11. you are so great. you know i am a chinese. i saw so many ways to try to add 1.1.4 applications on my ipod touch, but nothing.
    thank you so much .

  12. add repo.applerepo.com as a source in the Installer.app of your iPod Touch

    there already included ipod touch 1.1.4 applications.


  13. i tried the first ime and installing packages failed
    i forced quit an the second time it worked

  14. btw, it wasn’t really “recognized”, but rather an error popped up saying “.. Apple Mobile Device is not started”. I’ve tried the Apple help thing to sort it all out, but this is clearly not normal. Excuse the double post, i felt this was the only way to contact you guys. (If there was a different way, it was too confusing to find)


    After downloading the 1.1.4 apps. My iPod was recognized as an iPhone by iTunes (assuming) and now I can’t sync anything nor restore. If you ever read this CAN YOU PLEASE EMAIL ME THE LIST OF FILES ALL INCLUDED IN THIS? I NEED TO SSH THEM OUT.

  16. is this a good place to download apps on my ipod touch?
    and how many apps can i download?

  17. OH MY GOD…Thanks! It works! I was so unhappy when I restored my iPod Touch and the upgrade disappeared! I am so happy now! 🙂

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