A lot of people are facing problems with their iPod devices. Apple iPod trouble shooting offers resolution to many issues by following its own strict Apple iPod troubleshooting routine. No matter if your iPod problem is minor or major; the first things to do are as follows:

First of all, you have to make sure your Apple iPod is turned on.
Check if your batteries are properly and fully charged before turning on your iPod device.
Restore your Apple iPod. You can find all the information needed to restore your iPod at the Apple website. Just click on the link to the Apple iPod troubleshooting. You should keep in mind that restoring your device means that you will lose all songs and files.

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You should be able to connect your iPod to your computer via a USB or Fire wire port. You should try to connect your device via a different port and you should restart your computer if the problem persists. It could not be your iPod’s fault but rather the Fire Wires port or your USB’s port.

Be sure that you always have the latest firmware on your iPod. You can download it for free at the Apple iPod troubleshooting webpage. Keep the firmware updating all the time.
You should always have the latest iTunes software version installed. If a problem occurs, before you click on the Apple iPod troubleshooting, you should try to reinstall your iTunes software.
If you forget the Hold switch in the locked position you may believe that there is something wrong with your device.

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Resetting your iPod usually saves a lot of nerves. To reset it, you have to simply connect it to the iPod AC adapter and plug the latter into an electrical outlet. Another option is to connect your iPod to the Fire Wire port on your computer. Next, turn on the Hold switch and turn it off again. Then, press the Play/Pause button for the iPod logo to appear. I hope this simple information could help you on apple ipod troubleshooting.