A lot of people are facing problems with their iPod devices. Apple iPod trouble shooting offers resolution to many issues by following its own strict Apple iPod troubleshooting routine. No matter if your iPod problem is minor or major; the first things to do are as follows:

First of all, you have to make sure your Apple iPod is turned on.
Check if your batteries are properly and fully charged before turning on your iPod device.
Restore your Apple iPod. You can find all the information needed to restore your iPod at the Apple website. Just click on the link to the Apple iPod troubleshooting. You should keep in mind that restoring your device means that you will lose all songs and files.

You should be able to connect your iPod to your computer via a USB or Fire wire port. You should try to connect your device via a different port and you should restart your computer if the problem persists. It could not be your iPod’s fault but rather the Fire Wires port or your USB’s port.

Be sure that you always have the latest firmware on your iPod. You can download it for free at the Apple iPod troubleshooting webpage. Keep the firmware updating all the time.
You should always have the latest iTunes software version installed. If a problem occurs, before you click on the Apple iPod troubleshooting, you should try to reinstall your iTunes software.
If you forget the Hold switch in the locked position you may believe that there is something wrong with your device.

Resetting your iPod usually saves a lot of nerves. To reset it, you have to simply connect it to the iPod AC adapter and plug the latter into an electrical outlet. Another option is to connect your iPod to the Fire Wire port on your computer. Next, turn on the Hold switch and turn it off again. Then, press the Play/Pause button for the iPod logo to appear. I hope this simple information could help you on apple ipod troubleshooting.

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  1. I have a new laptop. My iPod keeps freezing halfway through reformat. I first get the message check for errors then it says it needs to be formatted. In the middle of doing that it freezes. I get a message saying not responding.

  2. and nowi it being really stupid and i wanted to throw it out the window and run over it with a car (truck) yep thtas right it sucks help me

  3. I have enabled cookies on my ipod touch, but I can not access certain sites like facebook. I keep getting the error message that I need to have cookies enabled, but they are.

  4. My iphone 3GS view won’t turn sideways when I turn the screen. Is there something I can do or setting that I can adjust? I started to notice once I downloaded the new apple 4 software.

  5. My iPod will not respond to anything. The computer will not recognise it is even plugged in and if I put in the iPod doc, it will charge however the blank screen with the Apple sign appears and it is frozen like that. If I take it off it will just stay like that until it runs out of battery again. I’ve tried resetting it, but it just remains with the apple sign. Ocassionally, when it first started doing this I could get to the menu and play songs with it on the doc, but as soon as I took it off, it froze after about 20 min and I had to wait till it ran out of battery. I don’t know what’s wrong with it, please help!!!

    1. Hey when i went to turn it on my i pod touch went to the home screen and it got stuck and then it went to a white screen and i tried to resetv it but i t wont work and now when i turn it on it still is the white screen i is being stupid help me its my mini life an it been like this for 20 mim help

  6. I have a touch 8g 3g I have an app that won’t download it just says waiting and it just won’t download it has been there for about 5 days please help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. My Ipod touch won’t shuffle songs and keeps repeating the same song until I manully change it.

  8. I have an i pod touch 8gb The back light is not working very well, I can barely see the screen anymore…………
    Help me please

  9. I think I recently updated my I-Tunes software on my Imac. Now when I connect my I-Pod Touch, I-Tunes no longer opens and shows what is on the Ipod. I’ve tried switching ports and turning the computer on and of, but I still can’t seem to get I Tunes to recognize my I-Pod. Please help. Thanks.

  10. My itouch screen won’t turn sideways and i’m not sure what to do .please can anyone give me some advice?

  11. I can’t get any apps to work on my iPod touch either I only got it on the 26th of December 2009 it’s a 3g one and No apps will work I’m getting pretty sick of it now I paid good money for a product from apple and I’m getting no help on this subject at all so someone please help I would love to use my iPod what it was intended for and that’s just not happening right now i paid for nothing more then a over priced mp3 player because no apps and I mean no not even simple ones like face book work. And before you say check firm wear I have the latest and there is no updates avaible according to apple website so someone out there must now how in gods name to fix This problem because there seems to be a lot of us with the same problem pls email me at [email protected] if you have a answer to this very annyoing problem

  12. Hi
    My Ipod touch used to shuffle songs until recently when it started repeating the same song until i’m forced to manully change it. Please assist!

  13. I am not able to get applications downloaded on my daughters ipod. Everytime i plug it in it says to update – when i click update — it restores back to factory settings — and erases everything. I can access utube and any other site but can not access itunes from the ipod.

  14. What is the problem with Apple product namely itouch. My daughter cant’t seem to get it to come on at all. Please tell me what to do or I will retun it to store. Paid to much to just look at it

  15. i cant download free apps on my ipod touch..after putting my account information it says ”authorization failed,please connect to itunes”

  16. Dear Avery,

    Please try these steps:
    Reset your iPod. Then Flip the hold switch on and off once, followed with hold the Menu and Center/Select buttons in until the iPod screen turns to the apple symbol.
    Then plug it into your computer, and let it sync with I-Tunes.

    tell me if the tips could help.


  17. My iPod touch won’t play my songs. It says “play” for one second and then it immediately switches to pause. It just won’t play.Whenever I press “play” it goes right back to “pause”. I already tried restoring it but that didn’t help. Please Help!

  18. I can’t send mail from my iPod touch. My sending address is correct buy I get the error message that the senders address is invalid.

  19. ipod will run if connected to computor usb port after repeated tries of turning on.
    when removed from usb port, it stops

  20. Hi
    My Ipod touch wont shuffle songs and keeps repeating the same song until i manully change it. Even when off shuffle the songs wont change. I have reset it and cleared all songs and started again but the same thing happens, its only 1 month old. PLEASE HELP!!



  22. I can’t send mail from my iPod touch. My sending address is correct buy I get the error message that the senders address is invalid. Any suggestions!

  23. Certain of my favorite youtube videos can no longer be played on my ipod touch but they can on my daughter’s. The error message is “This movie could not be played”. I reset my ipod touch, relocated the videos on you tube, but still the same error message. Any fix for this? What causes it?

  24. I have a ipod touch 8gb i use th text free app to text friends and family and now everytime i open it it frezzes. What happened? Please help!!!!!!

  25. My ipod is fine the only problem is that when I touch my ipod nothing happens. Like when I try to slide it to unlock it it won’t slide. The touchieness just doesnt work.

  26. my sons ipod touch apps won’t work – they start to load then go back to the menu

  27. I have enabled cookies on my ipod touch, but I can not access certain sites like facebook. I keep getting the error message that I need to have cookies enabled, but they are.

  28. The movent of my Ipod Touch wont work for example: i put a picture at another angle and the picture stays as its original position. please help

  29. I have an i pod touch 8gb i think and my touch screen wont seem to work ive tried everything but i wont work ??
    ive tried turning it off but you need the touch screen to tell it to turn off ?!!
    Help me please

  30. Ola, quando vou add aplicativos no ipod touch (ultima versao(2.2.1), aparece a mensagem.”Os aplicativos nao foram instalados pois voce nao tem permissao nesse computador” (Ja restaurei, atualizei, fiz downloads dos app novamente) mas sem sucesso. A mensagem continua aparecendo. Alguem pode me ajudar?:

  31. My ipod touch won’t turn on. it is fully charged and will only work directly after taking it out of a dock or unplugging it from my computer. then it works perfectly. it is just after i turn it off, it won’t turn back on

  32. Dear Rebecca, Sorry to hear that. Please try this method to restore your disabled ipod:

    1. Make sure iTunes open and the touch plugged in through usb. And make sure cord is plugged in to computer and your device
    2. Make sure that it is off to start with
    3. Then hold down the home button at the same time use another finger to hold down the on/off button.
    4. Continue to hold on it until you get the usb and itunes symbol on the screen.
    5. Start to restore and update the iPod from Your computer.

    I hope it could work for your disabled ipod.



  33. My son forgot his passcode and now his ipod is disabled. How do we get it back on?

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