Use Simplify Media? You Might Want to Reinstall Your Music on your iPhone!

People are always looking to free up storage space on their iPhone. After all, you don’t want to lose any of the apps or music that you currently carry on your iPhone, but you also want to be able to download new apps and music. Unfortunately, you don’t have the space and you can’t keep your old apps and still download new ones if there’s simply no space on your device. A little over a year ago, an app called Simplify Media came out that seemed to solve all those problems.

Simplify Media allowed you to take all of your music off of your iPhone, and stream it to the iPhone from a Mac computer over either a 3G connection or a Wi-Fi connection. Still sounds kind of silly to me. After all, who only wants to have access to their music when you’re in a “hot spot” or have one of the latest phones? And what about iPod Touch users? They would certainly need to be in a Wi-Fi zone. The app also didn’t come free, it cost users $3.99. But now it seems, the developers behind Simply Media also think it’s sort of a silly idea. They’ve recently announced that the app is going to be “changing directions” and that no new users will be able to download the Simplify Media app.

So, no new users, but what about those that have the app already installed on their iPhone, and they don’t have their music on the same device? Well, the developers are being kind of vague about how they’re going to deal with current users. When they first announced in the middle of April that they would no longer be accepting new users, they were still servicing current customers of the app, and promised to do so for the next three months. So now three months have passed, and what can consumers expect?

It’s hard to say exactly. Simplify Media is still working on those iPhones that had it installed before the announcement was made. But, the developers are not giving a clear answer on whether or not they’re going to service existing customers and if so, for how long. The best bet for those who are worried about losing their streaming music, is to simply load all of the music back on your iPhone. It seems that this is the only way to ensure that you’ll still be able to listen to your music, no matter what direction the developers decide to go in.

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