Sudoku 2 for iPod Touch

Everyone loves Sudoku and now you can up the intensity of this game even more with the Sudoku 2 app for the iPod Touch. This game gives you the game of Sudoku that you know and love, but it’s also jammed with so many features that you won’t believe how much more fun this classic game can be!

With Sudoku 2, it’s all about the points. And the more you get, the better you are at the game and the more you can brag to all your friends about how you’re Sudoku Champion. This game doesn’t just have any ol’ kind of point system, though. There all kinds of ways to get points with the Smart Point system. So you might not even be able to keep up with all the different points you have! This system calculates your points based on the value of each number when it’s multiplied as well as the value of every block, row, or column that’s multiplied by the decreasing number.

Another really cool way that this app keeps track of the points in your game is by calculating the number of points based on the runs. A run in Sudoku is how many numbers of games you’ve won in a row without being defeated by the game. And when you get a high score that you’re particularly proud of, you can upload your score to the leaderboard and share it with friends and strangers alike.

Start playing Sudoku in a way that you may never have before by downloading the app from iTunes here.

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