Fit It! for the iPod Touch

Here’s a game so simple you’ll think you have it licked even before you open it up for the first time. But wait, making it fit really might be harder than it looks. The concept of Fit It! is to use the blocks that you’re given on the left to form a perfect square. Yep, anyone who knows their shapes should be able to handle it. But the levels are hard, and get harder, and there’s always someone out there thinking another one up too.

And speaking about the levels that are in this game, did we mention that there are an unlimited amount? That’s right, unlimited. So no matter how much you play (and believe us when we tell you, that will be a lot), you’ll always have a new challenge to conquer and a new level you’ve never played before. This app is great due to that fact alone. But there really is so much more to Fit It! too.

You can make up your own levels and try to test out the skill of others, and the game is timed so that when you get that best time, you can record it on the Leader Board and of course, invite all of your friends to come and try to beat you. And, just to keep you a little more interested while playing, this game can also be played while you’re listening to your music and it won’t interfere with it at all. Again, something  a lot of apps are lacking these days and something too that makes this app worth a download.

But what else makes it worth a download? It’s free! And how can you beat that? Start making your perfect squares by downloading the app from iTunes here.

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