GodFinger iPhone App Review

GodFinger is a fantastic game for the iPhone and iPod Touch where you will actually be in charge of your own world. The game allows you to essentially play god a little like the Sims although the game itself is pretty straightforward. The idea is that you take care of your followers on your planet and you advance to the next level in order to get more people living on your planet and to increase the size of your planet.

If you haven’t already played GodFinger in the past, then you are missing out on a fantastic looking game/ As soon as you start GodFinger for the first time, you will realise that the game looks absolutely beautiful, especially on the Retina display of the iPhone 4 phone. The game is designed in a really cartoon like way that makes the game play brilliant. All of the game is controlled using the touch sensitive screen of the iPhone and this makes for fantastic game play.

There are a lot of great things you can do in the game and it also connects with Game Center which allows you to connect with your friends and even visit their planets and worlds from within the game. Completing the game is done by completing goals that are given throughout and gaining points which will advance you to the next level.

The game is available free of charge and is a must have game for any iPhone owner.

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