Sand Slides for the iPod Touch

If you love puzzles, and you love apps that bring you old games in a whole new way, then you want to download the Sand Slides app for the iPod Touch. Sand Slides sounds like a simple game where you just have to get the right grains of sand into the right places. But it’s awfully quick, and you’ll be surprised at just how much strategy is involved in this cute little game with tiny grains of sand. Plus, it makes you think in a way that almost no other app in the App Store will. Which is enough to make it worth a download in itself.

The game does take a few tries until you can really figure out what’s going on but once you do, you won’t leave the game. Not only has it been rated the #1 downloaded game in many countries across the world, and is touted as being incredibly addictive by the developers, but nearly every review in iTunes also talks about how addicting the game is.

The graphics are also really cool and the sound effects aren’t really all that bad either. But let’s face it. The coolest thing about this app is just figuring out where you’re going to put all of that sand! As an added bonus, there are also very few ads in this game and none of them really take away from the gameplay. Start finding out just why everyone is describing this app as addictive by downloading it for free from iTunes here.

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