The Moron Test FREE for iPod Touch

Not only is it cool that this app is being offered for free because it’s such a great little game, but also because it used to be the top paid game that was downloaded from iTunes – and now you can have it for free! The Moron Test app will allow you to waste many hours trying to answer seven different levels of questions, ranging from Moron to Genius, and will score you based on how you did. Then, when you feel like you’re ready to show off your mad skills some, you can challenge your friends and laugh when they can’t even figure out the answers to The Moron Test.

So, is it really for morons? Of course not! The answers are actually so intelligently worded and creatively posed, that you’ll only feel like a moron – you won’t really think like one. And that’s all part of the fun! Once you start getting it, you’ll be able to advance up in levels. The app also comes with all kinds of cute little icons, fun sound effects, and all kinds of other cool little features that will keep you even more interested in this really cool game.

The Moron Test has not only been declared the top paid gaming app for the iPod Touch, but now it’s being called one of the of the top free apps for the iPod Touch. And it’s not just users that are giving this app rave reviews – but national magazines and newspapers too! Start challenging your own brain, and then watching as your friends crumble under the pressure of The Moron Test – download it here!

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