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Are you often out, coming home from work or just out on your daily jog, and think about how nice it would be to order some food for pick up on the way home? But all your takeout menus are at home, along with all the phone numbers you need for the restaurants that serve it. Now, that’s not a problem with the Snapfinger Food Ordering app for the iPhone or iPod Touch. Of course, because the app includes the phone numbers for every restaurant, you might find it more useful on the iPhone.

The app promises to have every national food chain restaurant within the app; and that it will contain all – that’s right, all – the information pertaining to that restaurant. So you’ll not only get their location, phone number, and website for online ordering, but you’ll also have full acess to all of their menus, as well as their hours of operation. And we can’t attest to the fact that they have each and every restaurant, but we can say that they have a lot, and all of the ones that we looked for, anyway.

In addition to just being  a really great, handy app that will let you have all your favorite food whenever you want it, this app also comes with many very cool features. Those include things such as saving your past orders for fast re-ordering and searching for restaurants depending on what food mood you’re in, whether you’re looking for a specific location, or for a specific name. Plus you can also pay with a credit card right within the app, letting you complete the entire transaction from beginning to end, and you can also select a time and pickup and get a map for directions to the restaurant.

If there’s anything this app doesn’t give you when it comes to easy take out, you don’t need it! Users are already leaving rave reviews and you can too, after you download this fantastic free app here.

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