Paradise Island for the iPod Touch

If you love all those apps that let you build your own city, your own restaurant, or your own bakery, then you’ll love the Paradise Island app for the iPod Touch. What could be better? You get to build your own city, including restaurants and hotels, and it’s all in an exotic location – under the sun right by the sea! So start getting carried away and thinking about building more than sandcastles!

Not only do you get to build your own island empire including all the buildings, but you also get to maintain and repair them, and even gain profit from them. And it’s not just buildings either. You can also choose from the different plants you want on your island, casinos, entertainment centers, and discos. And you can constantly try to achieve more rank points, which you can use to compete with your friends who are also building their own Paradise Island. Want to invite even more friends to play, meet new people, or just brag about your results? You can also link the app up to Facebook or Twitter so the connection is seamless within the app. And speaking of connections, while an Internet connection is recommended to use the app, it’s not necessary and the app will keep running even when the app’s not open. So you can still be making island bucks, even when you’re not actually playing the game.

Most of the reviews in iTunes say that this is a very fun app that lets you do all the building and creating you love in a totally different way, and we agree. If you want to see what all the fuss is about, and you need a Paradise Island you can escape to every now and then, download this app from iTunes here.

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