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It seems that we can’t get enough of decorating! Whether it’s a Christmas tree, cookies, or restaurants, there’s an app out there to fill any kind of decorator’s dream. And if you’re a baker who just loves decorating a good cake, you might be tempted to install the Cake Maker app that’s free for the iPod Touch. But this app proves that not all decorating apps are created equal.

This app is good – if you get the paid combo packs that are available. If not however, you’ll still be able to choose out your own cake stand, choose what shape and size of cake you want, and decorate it using all the icing, sprinkles, and piping bags that will suffice; but you won’t have nearly as many options as you will when buying the different decorating packs. But that’s not the worst thing about the free version of this app – that would be the ads! Nearly every review in iTunes mentions how annoying the ads are, saying that you can’t even tap the screen before another ad pops up. And, the ads don’t seem to go away when you buy combo packs. Another downside about this app is that many people have also complained that it’s completely closed out on them before they were finished decorating their cake, and they had to start all over again when they went back in.

There are tons of decorating apps out there, even tons of free ones. We don’t think that you should waste your time with this one. But if you decide you still want to try it for yourself, you can start creating by downloading the app here.

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