Free iPhone Games; TurtleFly

TurtleFly is a game that is doing rather well in the iTunes app store at the moment and it is currently in the top most downloaded apps in terms of games. The game is available for free for the moment although it is highly likely that it will not remain this way for long so it is important to snap it up quick.

The idea of the TurtleFly game is rather simple and you play the game as a flying turtle. As you go through the levels, there will be different things and targets that you will need to get and achieve and this is what makes the game interesting. The graphics of the game are relatively good although they are not quite up to scratch with many of the other iPhone games that have been released just recently. The game actually does revolve around a story line which is featured at the beginning of the game and as you progress in certain areas. This adds to the game and is a nice little touch, although the graphics are once again not exceptional.

The game uses the iPhones touch controls but unfortunately doesn’t make use of the accelerometer which is a shame in this game as it could really use it. The game does have a good number of levels however and still works really well. The game is available free of charge from the iTunes app store. The game does also have Game Center integration for a great game play experience.

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