Stickery: Mermaid Waters for the iPod Touch

This one’s all for the kids! Stickery: Mermaid Waters for the iPod Touch is an app that’s been developed by AppyZoo with the help of the San Francisco Children’s Museum and preschool teachers to create fun games that small children can play while they learn some basic concepts. The game involves the stickers, which are fun and lovable aquatic characters. These characters are captured by the evil witch, and Hana and Cory need your child’s help to free them. The gameplay is fun and the story is cute, but we suggest you try it out before you let your child play, as a few parents have reported problems with the app in iTunes.

The skills that your child will learn include: sizes, colors, number recognition, object matching by counting, alphabet recognition, basic vocabulary, and the beginning letters of common words. All of this will be learned in a series of fun questions that your child will have to solve and answer before moving on. When they’ve completed a set of questions, they win a sticker, and there are 30 stickers to be won in all.

Some parents have said that the app crashes every time they open it, a common problem with apps; while others have reported that every time a level is completed the app says “To be continued…” with no continuation in sight. There has been an update to the app where the developers state “UI improvements” but we’re not sure if that was beforo or after the complaints were lodged, or if they were taken care of with the updates. We still suggest that if you’re always looking for free apps that will provide your child a little while of play, and yourself a little while of peace and quiet, that you try it out by downloading the app from iTunes here.

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