City Story: Valentine’s Day app for iPod Touch

Everyone loves building their own cities, and Lava is just one developer that is always bringing new versions of their city-building apps – but they do happen to be one of the most popular. And, with their finger always on the pulse of what users want, Lava has brought out the City Story: Valentine’s Day app for the iPod Touch.

With this app you can build your own city any way you want with hotels, buildings, bakeries, cafes, and boutiques. And you can even include famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty! With over 100 varieties to pick from, you’ll be sure to build a city that’s totally customized and uniquely designed by you. Place contracts and once they’re ready, you’ll get a notification telling you so. And if you want your friends to get in on the fun too, you can invite them to be your neighbor through Facebook, and you can send them buildings that they may not have as gifts. Who ever thought building a city could be so much fun?

Users seem to love this app, although there are many that are disappointed that the updates aren’t as regular as the developers say they are. And although it’s true that the Valentine’s Day edition doesn’t really contain any new items, there are many new quests available that have never been seen before, and won’t be once the Valentine’s Day edition is no longer available.

If  you love building cities, or you love Valentine’s Day, or you’ve built cities through Lava before and want to do it again, download the City Story: Valentine’s Day app from iTunes here – it’s free!

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