Apple to Launch News Corp iPad Newspaper

There have been a lot of rumours over the past few months that there will be subscription services for magazines being available for the iPad device in the near future. Now, it seems that the wait is over as yesterday, Apple and the News Corp sent out invitations to people informing them of an event that is being held at the beginning of February in which Apple and News Corp will reveal the new iPad only newspaper.

There will be an event held by both Apple and News Corp on the second of February 2011 in New York City in which they will announce the release of the iPad only magazine which is said to be called ‘The Daily’. It was previously thought that this would be released sometime during the middle of January of this year but it is thought that the magazine launch had to be pushed back as there were problems in delivering the new content of the magazine to subscribers.

The event is said to feature some well known faces including the CEO of News Corporation; Rupert Murdoch, along with the vice president of Internet Services for Apple; Eddy Cue. There are rumours that the subscription to the magazine could cost as little as just $0.99 per week which has left a lot of people extremely excited. There is thought to be other subscription based magazines to follow in the coming months.

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