Retailers will Now Carry iPhone 4 on Launch Day!

Are you tired of standing in long lines at AT&T and Apple stores the day of a big launch? Or do you not live near one of these retail outlets and so are always forced to wait for the phones to hit major retail outlets? If you’re waiting to get your hands on the new Apple iPhone 4 when it’s released on June 24, then these are the things that are probably something that has been disrupting your sleep ever since the new phone was unveiled. But now there’s good news. And that’s that the iPhone 4 is coming to Walmart on Launch Day!

It was just yesterday that Walmart announced that it was going to be stocking its shelves with the iPhone 4. So wherever you live, you can still have the hottest, newest gadget in your hands just when you want it. And even though Walmart may have been the first to make the announcement, they may not be the only store that’s going to be carrying the iPhone 4. There are also rumors that Best Buy and Radio Shack will also be carrying the new smartphone.

What’s the reasoning for this? Well, no one really seems to know. Some speculations have been that it maybe the fact that Apple has finally realized just how popular their launch days are, and they no longer want to deal with the overflow. Or maybe Apple is just trying to get a more solid relationship with other retail and electronic outlets. Whatever the reason is, there’s no doubt that it’s going to be Apple customers that benefit.

However, Apple is still keeping some of the sales solely to themselves. The preorders that can be made for the iPhone 4 can be made through Apple starting on June 15, can still only be made through Apple. But hey, when it’s just a matter of waiting nine days, is that preorder really all that important?

Well, now apple iphone 4 has been launched and you could buy then in your nearest apple store, you could buy iphone 4 without contract or with contract.

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