Apple App Store Gets Twitter Account

Apple are one of the most well known companies out there anyway and their app store has had a huge amount of success. It is for this reason that you might have thought they wouldn’t need to get involved with social media promotions but this is exactly the move that Apple has taken. The app store has now got its own Twitter account on the popular social networking website and although it has only been created for a few hours, it has already gained thousands of followers. This is something that would take a standard person on Twitter years to d, if they even ever managed it at all.

The Apple App Store account on Twitter managed to get a following of around 83,000 people in a matter of just 15 hours. This is absolutely astonishing and it is expected that the number of followers will rise dramatically over the next few days. The Twitter account has been set up in order to keep followers informed of new developments or new applications in the app store and any other news that the app store has to offer.

So far, the account has only posted seven tweets which have concerned certain applications in the app store. Apple also has five other Twitter accounts for its other products which have a following of around 2.4 million people throughout. Their Facebook page also has a huge following of over one million people.

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