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NEWS REPUBLIC, the free Smartphone app dedicated to News, approaches 200’000 users in Europe and is currently the best-rated news app on Android.

News Republic is a quick and convenient way to receive all the news that really matters to you, in an app that was originally conceived and specifically designed for users who like the idea of a personalised news service :

News Republic App for iPhone and Android phones is the perfect way to keep up to date on all the major events happening in the world today. Whether you just want the latest headlines or wish to explore in depth the stories behind the news you need only one app to do all the hard work for you. News Republic allows you to personalise the way you receive your news. Use the application to filter and organise the news to closely follow your favourite subjects, people or places and be the first to know when a new story breaks.

News Republic iphone app broadcasts daily 1000’s of non-stop breaking news headlines, in-depth features plus live updates on Sport, Business, Technology, Celebrity and Entertainment plus much more directly from leading news agencies, the web and the top global media sources.

Like other major news channels, you automatically get all the breaking headlines and stories covering major events as they happen. As standard you get the full stories, pictures and videos without linking to other sites. But, here’s the clever bit…

News Republic has developed a sophisticated system called TagNav © that tracks the themes and semantic meanings of all the news stories across multiple news agencies and media channels. All the stories and articles have been tagged with keywords so that you can easily create your very own dedicated news folders to keep up to date with all those topics that matter to you most. Whether it’s a particular industry, or company, individual person or specific place, you can be as detailed as you like. You might want to be kept up to date and receive breaking news on your hometown or favourite sports team, or simply get the very latest breaking celebrity gossip or Hollywood news – it’s entirely up to you. You choose the subjects, and News Republic brings you the news instantly.

News republic iPhone Apps

Whatever the topic, you also have the option to go deeper and search and discover more. With over 120,000 topics covered, you can search and reference related articles and themes across the entire web to discover more on any topic you choose in an instant. News Republic is a News Encyclopaedia for ‘your’ Smartphone

And, there’s more… with one simple click you can Share any News Article with friends by email, Twitter or Facebook so that you can prove you saw it first at News Republic!

News Republic iPhone app can be downloaded FREE TODAY on the Apple App Store and Android Market.

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