iPhone 5 Scam : Beware on iPhone 5 Pre-order Scam

iPhone 5 Scam

Apple is plan to announce their next generation iphone 5 on this Tuesday Morning at at Apple’s Headquarters in Cupertino. While so many people worldwide waiting for this big event from Apple.com, the internet spreaded the word about iPhone 5 Scam. There are many people who got iPhone 5 Pre-order, but many reliable source like mashable.com said that email is a big SCAM.

Mashable.com said in their site that some hackers taking advantage from the iphone 5 release date on this Tuesday by Apple.com. They send Fake Apple Announcement Email Leads to PC Virus [WARNING] .

They said that the email contain a danger virus or malware, here are the complete details:

But for those who aren’t paying attention, and who are only vaguely aware that a new iPhone is launching this week, such an email — complete with an “order now” button — could make easy bait for malware. And that’s just what this email is, according to security firm Sophos — a lure for users to unintentionally install a nasty little Trojan called Mal/Zapchas-A.

“Apple product announcements are always big news. And I think we have to accept that it’s likely that whenever Apple is scheduled to reveal new technology that cybercriminals will try to exploit the interest,” said Cluley.

“After all, we saw a very similar attack using an iPhone 5 disguise during WWDC this year. On that occasion, it turned out that Apple *didn’t* announce the iPhone 5, but the bad guys were still eager to take advantage of pre-announcement hype.”

The iphone 5 scam email aim to infect recipients’ computers,
but only targeting Windows PCs.

So, kindly please beware on this iPhone 5 Scam email. if you get email with an order button to Pre-order iphone 5, then you need to reject it and delete it automatically.

Please share or spread this news to your friends so they could saved from this kind of scam.

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