Apple and Time Strike Deal to allow iPad Magazine Subscription

Time is a giant magazine publisher in the United States of America and they have millions of subscribers to the print versions of their magazines at the moment. Now, it has been reported that Time and Apple have struck a deal that will allow anyone who is currently signed up and subscribed to the print versions of the magazines to obtain a free copy of every magazine on their iPad device.

The agreement comes after talks which lasted from February of last year to the current time and many say that it illustrates a step in the right direction for Apple who has always issued strict control over subscription processes. The two companies have come up with a unique way to allow print subscribers to access the Time iPad version for free as they will have to provide their details, including name, email address and credit  card number, before being allowed access. As of yet, any people that wish to read the Time iPad version that aren’t subscribed to the print version will have to buy every issue of the magazine individually on the iPad device.

It is thought that this will lead to many similar agreements with other publishers and that possibly, subscriptions to magazines on the iPad will become a lot more common in the next few months.

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