iPhone 4 Available from China Unicom Today

For current users of the iPhone 4 in China, or those who live in the country and were thinking about getting one of the new devices, this could be great news, or it could be news that’s completely irrelevant. No, this does not mean that this is the first time that the iPhone 4 will be available in China. That’s been the case for several months now. But what it does mean is that users will now have a choice of carriers for their device, as the iPhone 4 will be available from China Unicom starting today!

China Unicom announced on their website yesterday that they would start accepting orders for the iPhone 4 today. The company is doing this in a quest to lure customers away from the current biggest mobile device carrier in the country, China Mobile. And while having options is always great news for customers, that may not necessarily be the case here. The problem comes with the price that China Unicom is offering the iPhone 4s at, 5,880 yuan to 6,999 yuan. On top of that, users will also have to sign up for a two year contract. Officials in China think that this is simply too expensive to attract customers away from China Mobile, who offer much lower rates.

So while it may not be totally great news that China Unicom will start taking orders for iPhone 4s, it is always good for customers when there’s more than one company in any market offering the same product. And this move is expected to only further drive the competition in China, which again, is something that customers are only going to benefit from.

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