Apple iPad Goes on Sale in India

The Apple iPad is not a new product for a lot of the world and it has actually been on sale in the United States for more than a year now. However, the iPad has not yet made its way to all of the countries around the world and this week saw the first time that the iPad has been sold in India.

The Apple iPad is now being sold in stores in India. Previously, anyone in the country that wished to get their hands on one of the devices would have to order one in from another country which was extremely costly and took a long time. Now, India has the same amount of convenience as the rest of the world as consumers can head to their nearest store and purchase the device. The Indian Apple website declared today ‘iPad is here’. Apple fans in the country have complained however that the Apple iPad has gone on sale just a few months before Apple are rumoured to be releasing the next generation version of the device. 

The prices of the iPad device in India are also a little bit more expensive than in the US which has also lead to quite a few complaints. Indian consumers are said to not really have been flocking to stores to purchase an iPad but Apple has said that this will soon pick up over the next few weeks.

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