Apple to offer iTunes Backup

Following the Apple event that was held last week, there has been a lot of speculation as to what Apple has in store for us in regards to their cloud based ideas. Just a few weeks ago, Apple removed the Mobile Me cloud software from their store and it was then thought that Apple would announce soon what they had in store. However, the event passed without Apple even mentioning anything at all regarding the MobileMe software. It is now thought that the thing that Apple could be working on might be an iTunes backup system which would allow customers to back up their music as well as stream it.

It was previously thought that Apple might be planning a Spotify style service but many believe that this would be too costly for Apple to implement at this time and that they would rather opt for a backup style service. It is thought that what Apple will have in mind is a sort of online locker for your music and videos which would allow you to create a backup of any files that you download from iTunes.

The music files would then be able to be re-downloaded as many times as you like from the server and they could also be streamed in a similar way to Spotify. It is thought that Apple is looking to get into this market which is currently dominated primarily by Google.

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