Apple removes anti-gay app for iTunes App Store

Apple is known for having hundreds of thousands of different applications in their iTunes app store and they are also known for being quite strict about the type of content that actually gets approved in the store. However, it now seems that an app actually slipped through the net and now, an anti-gay application that was previously available in the iTunes app store has been removed and banned by Apple.

The app became available in the iTunes app store in the middle of October and since it was released in the store, it has received many complaints from users that have downloaded the app. The app was created by the Manhattan Declaration which is a movement that was started last year by some Christian leaders which imposes their condemnation of gay marriage and abortion rights. It is thought that the application expressed these views and that Apple allowed it into the app store nonetheless. The app is said to also invite people to join them in their protests and views against the gay marriage and abortion rights and offers the users of the app a survey.

Because so many people were offended by the application, a website formed a petition to get the app removed from the Apple store which was aimed at Steve Jobs himself. After he received more than 7,700 emails, he got on the subject and removed the app from the iTunes app store.

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