Apple to announce Beatles iTunes Deal

Apple are rumoured to be making a big announcement later on today and many people have been speculating as to what they think the announcement will be. As per usual, Apple has been quite secretive about the whole thing and they will no doubt not give us any more information until the actual announcement later. Many people believe that the announcement is going to be that the Beatles music will be available on iTunes; this is something that has not yet been seen in the iTunes store.

Apple is expected to release information about the announcement at around 3pm today (GMT time) and there is currently a teaser of the announcement on the Apple website that makes a reference to the band. The reference on the website says “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget” and the homepage also shows different clocks with hands pointing to different times which is reminiscent of the Beatles album cover for their ‘Help!’ album.

Insider rumors have been reported by the wall Street Journal that the Beatles rumor is true. However, Apple has had a long time dispute with the Beatles record label about including the Beatles music in their iTunes library and if this rumor is true, it will end a 30 year long dispute. Many other fans believe that the music will not be available on the iTunes store any time soon and we will just have to wait for the Apple announcement to see.

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  1. Wow, Thank god the Beatles are on iTunes now so I can finally listen to their music /s

    Seriously Apple, this is a day we will never forget? Like nobody has beatles mp3s? I guess I can delete my Flac discography and redownload them from itunes for $1.29 a piece.

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