Mac App Store set to come in January

The Apple app store has been a huge hit with the iPhone and iPod touch devices and it now has more than 200,000 applications in which users can download with ease. Of course, with the success of this product, Apple has device to take it further and it is thought that they will unveil their Mac app store in January.

The Mac App Store will offer Mac owners to have access to an app store which offers apps for the Mac computers. There have been a few bits of code and a few pictures of the Mac app store emerged over the last few days and it does look quite exciting. It is thought that the Mac App Store login page will actually allow users to login with the iTunes accounts as well as their MobileMe accounts. This is great as it means that users will not have to make a new account simply to access to the Mac app store.

As well as this, there are also set to be some parental controls on the Mac app store which will ensure that all users of the computer can only download content that is appropriate. The Mac app store is set to be launched and unveiled by Apple at the beginning of January at their conference which is held each year. The store is expected to be free for all Mac owners and will be an upgrade for Snow Leopard.

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