Amazon to open Newspaper and Magazine Store same as Apple

One of the things that have become particularly big over the past year or so is actually reading content on mobile devices. There are a lot of reasons for this with the main one being that eBooks’ and tablet computers have been becoming more and more popular and this has allowed more ways of getting content to users. Now, Amazon is offering a generous revenue split to magazines and newspapers that join in with their Kindle Store. This is set to possible open up a newspaper and magazine store that is similar to the one in iTunes that Apple has opened.

 The business model of this newspaper and magazine store that Amazon are set to launch is being taken from the Apple app store. Apple have been known to offer their newspaper and magazine publishers the 70 – 30 split in return for putting their content in their store and this is exactly the same thing that Amazon is hoping to do. The new changes will go into effect on the Amazon Kindle store from December 1st and it is expected that this will really open new doors for the Amazon Kindle devices.

Up until now, Apple have been the only company to offer this and the content has been a huge success on their iPad and iPhone devices. Now, Amazon is expected to take some of this revenue from Apple with their very own store for the Kindle.

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