Apple Approves Google Latitude iPhone App

Google Latitude iPhone App. Apple seems to have a bit of a problem when it comes to actually allowing certain applications into their iTunes app store and there have been a number of occasions where applications have actually been denied by Apple. Google seems to be one of the companies that this always happens to and only last month, Apple actually refused Google to have their Google Voice app in the iTunes app store but after a while, they backed down and it is now available. This seems to have happened once again with Google latest application for the device; Google Latitude and after a lot of time where Apple would not allow it, Google Latitude app is now available for the iPhone.

Google Latitude iPhone App is a fantastic new service from Google that actually figures out where you are and then puts you on a map. You will then be put on the same map with all of your other friends and you will easily be able to see if any of them are in the same area as you. It is expected to revolutionise the social world and Apple have finally allowed it into the app store. Apple was not very keen to allow the app as they said that it would cause confusion with the Maps app that is already installed on the iPhone. However, after a lot of persuasion by Google, the app is now live.

The Google Latitude app is available free of charge from the iTunes app store.

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