Cut the Rope iPhone/iPod Touch app to be the next Angry Birds

If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch device, or even an iPad, then chances are that you will have heard of the game; Angry Birds, Angry birds is an extremely addictive game that has become one of the most played games on the iOS devices. The aim of the game is to simply fire birds at a variety of structures in order to kill pigs. Now, there is another game released for the devices that is set to be just as big.

Cut the Rope for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices is set to be as big as Angry Birds as it saw hundreds of thousands of downloads since it was first released a couple of months ago. It has now hit the one million download mark and it is set to keep growing as more and more people hear about the game. Of course, although the game has become extremely popular, it is still a long way away from beating the download mark of Angry Birds which currently has had over six million downloads since it was first released.

Angry Birds is probably the most successful iPhone/iPod Touch game of all time and people are now speculating that it could be beaten eventually by Cut the Rope. Cut the Rope is available in the iTunes app store for the iPhone and iPod Touch for just $0.99.

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