The Appshopper App for iPod Touch

Tired of going into the App Store or iTunes and being overwhelmed with the number of apps that are in there? Especially when you’re just looking for one certain type of app – such as a recipe app, game apps, or organization apps? Well now you don’t have to, with the Appshopper app for the iPod Touch. Appshopper has been around for awhile now, and users have found how much they love it. But now, they’ll have a chance to love it even more as the new version has just come out and it’s now available to iPad and iPod Touch users completely free!

Within the app, you can find different apps depending on the category that you’re looking for. So you don’t have to waste any more time searching through apps that you have no interest in. And, what’s great about this app that you won’t find in the App Store is that it lists apps in order of interest. That means that if lots of people have shown interest in an app, you’ll see that at the top of your search results, meaning that you’ll only see the ones that are the most popular.

There are loads of ways to get apps for your iPod Touch. And there are even loads of ways to get free apps for your iPod Touch. But when you want a very easy way to get all the apps – and the most relevant apps to you – then you’ve got to download the Appshopper app. The only bad thing users have said about this app so far is that there are no push notifications. So you won’t know when there are new apps or updates to your apps. But, not to fear, the developers are working on that too. So soon, this app really will be the perfect app (or two) within an app. And, you can download it here.

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