iPod Touch gets Revamped by Apple

One of the best selling products that Apple currently have on the market is the iPod Touch device, This device is extremely similar to their iPhone device except that it doesn’t have the phone aspect of the device. Aside from this, the iPhone 4 has just been released a few months ago which has meant that the iPhone has had a number of things that the iPod Touch didn’t, however, now Apple have revamped the iPod Touch and made it better than ever.

Every September Apple holds a keynote presentation in San Francisco. This is typically where Apple releases information on upcoming products that they hope to launch and also tell the world about how they plan to make products better. Amongst many other things mentioned at this year’s keynote was the revamped iPod Touch device. This new revamped version of the iPod touch has some pretty cool features.

The first thing that Apple has changed with their new iPod Touch is that it now has the same Retina display as the iPhone 4 has. As well as this, they have installed two cameras, one on the front and one on the back. This enables Facetime on the iPod Touch which can actually be done between two iPod Touches or an iPod Touch and an iPhone.

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