Apple WWDC Event Sells Out in 8 Hours

Apple are one of the biggest companies in the world at the moment and the recent release of the iPad tablet computing device has made them bigger than ever as they broke into n entirely new market. Now, anyone that is a major fan of the company will already know that each year, Apple holds an event in which they plan to unveil their plans for the rest of the year. This event goes by the name of the WWDC event and as the tickets for the event went on sale yesterday, it is thought that it sold out in a matter of just 8 hours.

Last year’s event saw the tickets sell out within a period of 8 days but now, it is thought that this record has been broken with the tickets actually said to be sold out in just 8 hours. Many developers of apps for the app store and other similar things usually attend the event and it is thought that the fast selling of the tickets is due to many people who are hoping to become the next big app developer.

The tickets are said to have been priced at $1599 and although Apple have not actually announced that the tickets are sold out, the graphics on the website make it pretty clear. It is thought that there could be more tickets available in the near future from Apple.

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