Apple TV Enjoys Success Google TV Hopes For

Apple have released a lot of products over the last few years that have really taken off but one of the products that they struggled with initially was the Apple TV. When it was first launched, the Apple TV Device was pretty big and was also quite expensive. Now, it has actually been redesigned to be cheaper and nicer looking and it has experienced a lot of success since the changes. Google have also released their TV device but it seems that the Apple TV device is actually having the success that Google were hoping for.

The revamped Apple TV device was introduced back in September and since then, the sales of the device have increased significantly with many more users interested in them. The device costs $99 in the US and allows users to rent movies, TV shows and much more as well as access their Netflix and YouTube accounts. Despite Apples fierce competition from their competitor Google with their Google TV device that is up and coming, Apple has shifted a good amount of their Apple TV products. The Apple TV device is said to actually be nearing nearly $1 million in sales since it was released.

Apple have said that there are around 400,000 TV shows rented every day and 150,000 movies rented on the Apple TV device which has shown a huge amount of users love the product and love the service it offers.

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