HP Take on Apple in Tablet Market

One of the most innovative and successful products that has been released in the past year has been the Apple iPad device. This has completely changed the way that we work and Apple are planning to release the iPad 2 at some point this year it is thought. However, since the release of the iPad, many other companies have been trying to get a piece of the tablet PC market and the latest company to develop a product is HP.

HP has announced the release of the HP TouchPad which they are hoping will rival the Apple iPad device. The TouchPad looks extremely similar to the Apple iPad device and it has a similar amount of features too. The tablet computer from HP actually runs the webOS operating system which in today’s market, is a bit of a gamble. Most of the tablet devices out there use either Google’s Android operating system or the Apple operating system on the iPad. Using this other OS will be a huge gamble but could pay off for HP.

The TouchPad will have the same 9.7 inch screen as the Apple iPad device. There are a few differences however with one of the most notable being that the device will actually support flash, this is something that Apple’s iPad does not do at the moment. It is thought that HP are to release a Wi-Fi version of the device first off with a 3G device following later in the year.

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