Apple to ship iPhone 5 in September

The Apple iPhone device is one of the best selling Smartphone’s that has ever been developed and since the release of the iPhone 4 last year, there have been talks of the iPhone 5 and when it will be released. It was thought that Apple would choose to release the phone in summer of this year but it is thought now that the release date of the iPhone 5 has been pushed back to around the September time of this year.

The rumour of this comes from three sources, all of whom do not wish to be identified as it is said that Apple has not finalised the plans for the phone as of yet. If the rumours are true however, it would mean that the iPhone 5 release would be pushed back by nearly a quarter of a year which could be catastrophic for Apple and suppliers as the second quarter of the year is usually the quietest.

As well as this, it is thought that many of the existing owners of the iPhone models will reach the end of their contract during this summer which would mean that other rival Smartphone’s would have a 3 month gap where they would have the edge over Apple. It has not yet been said what has caused this delay but it is thought that the problems with production following the Japan earthquake could be partly to blame.

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