Apple Becomes Worlds Most Valuable Brand

Many of the products that Apple has released over the last few years have been enough to push the company into a huge amount of success and they are well known all around the world for the creation of products such as the iPhone and iPod devices. Now, according to the latest research, Apple has actually been classed as the worlds most valuable brand, overtaking Google; the internet giant.

According to the annual BrandZ study of the world’s top 100 brands, Apple has actually soared to the number one spot which was previous occupied by the internet search giant; Google. The title was awarded to the company after it increased its brand value by a staggering 84% to the price of £93 billion. It is thought that it was recent products including the iPad and iPad 2 devices that caused this huge increase of the brand as well as the release of the iPhone 4 Smartphone.

However, with Apple’s success there were also many other companies that fell down the list. One of the biggest fallers was BP which fell from 34th position all the way down to 64th position. It is thought that the oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico last year was mainly responsible for this. The company had a decrease of around 27% in its value according to the BrandZ list. The director of the BrandZ list said that it was really the success of the iPad that pushed Apple to the number 1 spot.

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