Verizon iPhone Rumors

Apple Inc. is developing two products named Verizon iPhone and Apple tablet, which has not yet announced the official date of release but many rumors have created all over the world saying that the product is going to be launched on First Quarter of 2010. Verizon iPhone is working with this product and another wide talk rumor about these products is that they are developing this product with a new 4G LTE technology. This 4G LTE service is new to the world and no one knows what the features it will hold and how much will be the prize? But the product has risen to its peak level of expectation among the people and everyone is looking forward for the release in Q1 2010 because of the rumors.

There is another wide heard news is that Verizon is looking forward to strike the market in 2H of 2010 but according to Techcrunch’s the only aim of the Verizon is to launch this product by the Q1 of 2010.

This verizon iPhone rumor got its shape only because of this news, as there is no need for developing a CDMA iPhone for Verizon. This combination of Verizon and Apple makes the Apple’s developer to develop a single device which will suite for both the networks. This reduces the time and thus helps them to release the product as soon as possible.

In general Apple’s products are most valued and always rise to some level of expectation but these verizon iPhone products are raised to greater level of expectation.

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  1. Yes, I heard this too! I can’t wait until the iPhone comes out! ALSO THE 4TH GENERATION iTOUCH. I’ve been waiting!

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