Apple Working on Carbon Fibre Macbook Devices

Apple is one of those companies that are always taking steps to become even better than they currently are and it is now thought that the company could be working on producing carbon fibre Macbook devices. Their Macbook range of laptops have always been one of their best sellers and over the past few years, there have been many advancements in this area of things such as the invention of the Macbook Air; the worlds thinnest and lightest laptop computer. It is now thought that Apple has employed someone with a background in carbon fibre to help push these products even further.

The rumour is that Apple has recently acquired Kevin Kenney in order to take control of Senior Composites at Apple. This man is already no stranger to the Apple company as his name has previously appeared on a patent in 2009 for a carbon fibre iPad that Apple filed and it is now thought that Apple have got him on board in order to help create carbon fibre Macbooks.

There have already been many rumours in the past regarding the carbon fibre Macbook devices which would see the Macbooks being made both stronger and lighter. Currently, the Macbook devices are made entirely from aluminium which is a relatively heavy metal when compared with carbon fibre. It is also thought that Apple could be looking at making the iPhone and iPad even lighter too.

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