An iTV By Any Other Name, Is Just as Sweet

There have been a lot of rumors lately surrounding Apple, and all of the new products that they’re planning to unveil at this year’s annual fall event. The first rumor was that Apple would be bumping up the date on this event to be held in the middle of August. Well, here we are, in the middle of August, and invitations for the event haven’t even gone out yet. So I think it’s safe to assume at this point that the event is still going to be held in September at some point. But, what about the products? There were rumored to be lots of them coming out, namely the Apple iTV.

The Apple iTV is a device that you’ll be able to use to download movies and TV shows from iTunes and watch them right from your television. Might sound like shocking news, but it’s not really considering that Apple is slowly attempting world domination. But, there’s a TV station in the UK that’s not so happy about it. That station is ITV, and the problem becomes quite obvious.

Apple wants to use the name “iTV” to fit in with all of their other iDevices but unfortunately, they may not have done all their research. Or they did, and just didn’t care. The station is now trying to get Apple to stop using their name, claiming trademarking issues and such. And, the station even goes so far as to say that not everything Apple touches is “dusted with gold”, and that you need only look at the recent iPhone 4 to see that. Apple so far has no comment on the subject.

In other Apple news, it’s been pretty much confirmed by All Things D that Apple will hold its annual event in September, and that at that time they will unleash a slew of new and exciting products. Among those, the newest iPod Touch that will not only have a camera but retina display too; and the new Apple Nano.

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