Apple Sues Rival Samsung Company

Apple is one of those companies that is well known for their legal battles with other companies and the latest victim of their brutal legal forces is the Samsung company. Apple is said to be suing the Samsung Company for copying the designs of their iPad and iPhone devices with the Samsung Galaxy range of devices.

Apple has claimed that the Galaxy range of mobile phones and tablets are ‘slavish’ copies of the iPhone and the iPad. Apples claims that Samsung has in fact copied them are based around the way that the devices look including the look of the screen icons.

Samsung has said that they have in no way copied the designs of the Apple products and that they conducted their own research into the designs of the devices. They said that they would contest the allegations.

The Samsung Galaxy products run the Google Android operating system which is one of the biggest competitors currently in the market for Apple. However, as well as this, Samsung also supplies some of the chips for the Apple products such as the A4 and A5 processors and the memory inside the Macbook computers.

The lawsuit was filed by Apple against Samsung on Friday and it claims that Samsung has violated Apple’s patents and trademarks. Samsung has said that they will take the appropriate legal action to show that these claims are not true.

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  1. It’s pretty ridiculous how these company’s sue each other back and forth…instead of focusing even more on the end-user experience and lowering the prices, which they could do with less lawsuits and patent applications…It’s like watching children fight…but honestly I think it’s starting to become a PR thing. I been obviously they know that when they sue somebody everybody will know and the blogs and media will pick it up quickly. And since most these companies are geniuses when it comes to marketing, especially Apple…I think they are doing it for some marketing purpose too…I don’t know what purpose though because in my eyes they just loose credibility…

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