How to Turn Your iPhone or iPod Touch into a Flash Drive

Whether you have very large files that you keep dragging from one place to another, or you just have an old iPod that you’re no longer using, there is now a way to turn that iPod into a flash drive. A flash drive of course, is external storage that will let you take files and folders with you wherever you go, and from computer to computer. And you can now have one with your iPhone, your iPod Touch, or older versions of the iPod with the exception of the Shuffle. Of course, these instructions probably work with the iPad too but with the storage capacity that monster comes with, why would you want to?

Start of course, by connecting your iPod up to your computer. iTunes will most likely pop up, especially if it’s your iPod’s home computer you’re using, and at that point you can just exit or choose to “Take no action” and hit okay. Once that’s done, you can go over to your Start menu and right-click on it. Choose “Explore” and then find your “C” drive. Once you’ve found it, click on the dash symbol beside it. A whole listing will drop down for you, and from there you can find your iPod. Once you’ve found it, you can then make a new folder.

The last thing you need to do is just find the data on your computer that you want to place on your iPod. Once you’ve found it, just copy and paste, or drag it right over to the new folder you created. Once you’re finished, just find your “My Computer” option or find it in the Start menu. Once it opens up, you’ll see your iPod Touch or other iPod as an external storage device, and you’ll be able to see all those files that you just saved in there. And now, you’ll never spend tedious hours burning your info onto CD again!

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