HTC One X Vs. Apple IPhone 5 – Is It ONLY About Image?

We find out why the HTC One X when compared to the Apple iPhone 5 came out on top.

When we look back to September 2012 we see very clearly that the best HTC on the market was the HTC One X; and the flagship phone of the iPhone series was the iPhone 5.  The phones were put in direct competition with each other.  All the phone networks have 3g offers on both phones if you take out a 24 month contract. So, which one comes on top when it comes to specifications, appearance, and general performance?


Both phones offer fantastic displays.  The HTC has a 4.7-inch screen that provides natural and clear images.  The iPhone 5 is a bit warmer with an amazing diversity of colorization making it a beautiful thing to behold.  Both screens perform very well when viewed in direct sunlight.

All in all, the main difference between the two is that the HTC is slightly bigger.  Both are high-end displays that will do the job admirably.

The Appearance

The iPhone 5 sports its normal iconic design.  It is a little bit taller and wider than the previous release to incorporate the increased screen size, but it certainly follows the same design pattern as its forbearers.  It is superbly constructed with seams that are barely visible.  It’s glass and aluminium casing is typically Apple, and typically premium.

The HTC is made by enclosing it in a polycarbonate unibody that keeps it strong, sturdy, and seamless.  The design is enticing and it certainly appeals to the techy market that is its traditional following.  Both phones certainly look good and are very different in the way they are styled.

Many consumers who are technical-minded will certainly opt for the HTC not wanting to be seen dead with an iPhone.  Others who are less technically minded will probably revert to type and choose the iPhone when they next upgrade.

Certainly the phones target different niche, and HTC will be hoping that the market becomes more sophisticated and recognizes the HTC brand for what it is; a quality high specification phone manufacturer.

Is the iPhone 5 the Greatest?

Many Apple fans will say unequivocally that the Apple iPhone is the greatest phone ever made.  I would beg to differ.

The specifications on the HTC are superior in terms of processor and the camera.  And the HTC OneX runs Android, which in my opinion is a better platform than the IOS from Apple.

Certainly, these two phones polarize the market and each phone is superbly suited to the demographic they aim to convert.

In my opinion, the HTC One X is a better phone than the iPhone 5.  The iPhone series needs a real boost to catapult it back up to the top-end of the market, especially with an increasingly sophisticated consumer market.

It won’t be long before people start to realize that the Apple iPhone does not stack up on specifications against many other phones.

It will be interesting to see how the iPhone 6 creates a stir and wins back the affection of the pundits and technically minded consumers.

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