Apple Releases iPhone Tracking Update

A couple of weeks ago, many customers and the owners of any Apple iPhone devices were outraged when there was rumour that Apple was secretly tracking the movements of all of their customers. After the rumour, Apple actually spoke out about the allegations and said that the problem was actually a problem they were unaware of with the software on the iPhone and that they were certainly not secretly tracking their customers.

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Yesterday, after vowing to release an update for the iPhone that would fix the problem, Apple finally did. The new software update for the iPhone will mean that the whereabouts of iPhone users will only be kept for a period of one week instead of the entire years records that are currently held on the phone. Apple has said that once the update is installed by iPhone owners, the data will only be held for a period of no longer than seven days on the phone. As well as this, Apple has also stopped the iPhone from saving a log on the owners PC of their year’s movements as this will also be reduced to no longer than seven days.

Apple has denied the claims by many that they were purposely collecting data about their customers and said that the privacy concerns that were sparked were entirely based on misunderstanding and the software bug. They hope that now the problem is fixed, their customers will feel better.

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