Branson and Murdoch plan Publications for Apple iPad

The Apple iPad has become one of the best ways to read digital content these days and there have been a variety of magazines and newspapers that have launched in the iTunes app store since the release of the device just a few months ago. The Apple iPad has become a fantastic e-reader and there are a lot more publications for the device to come. Now, entrepreneurs; Richard Branson and Rupert Murdoch are set to be releasing their own publications for the iPad device and are said to be going head to head in rivalry.

Richard Branson; the founder of the Virgin company, is said to be releasing his own iPad only project on the 30th November 2010. Rupert Murdoch is also said to be releasing his publication for the iPad shortly after this at the beginning of December. The publication that is to be released by Murdoch is said to be called ‘Murdochs Daily’ according to the ‘Financial times’ and it is said to be a newspaper publication that is for the iPad only. Richard Branson is set to be releasing a similar venture.

Many media companies are now looking at the iPad device for their latest releases as it has opened up an entire new market to target. The Apple iPad device is said to be a fantastic opportunity to test new types of media interface and interactive journalism that could be a huge part of the future.

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