Apple Planning to Refund Australian Customers

Apple Planning to Refund Australian Customers

The latest iPad from Apple has been an overwhelming success all around the world. Available in both Wifi and 4G models the iPad has been successful for a wide variety of reasons but now Apple is feeling a little bit of heat over some advertising they ran in Australia. Apple’s 4G iPad is only available in North America at this time, which is perfectly acceptable, the problem is that they ran dozens of advertisements in Australia that promised 4G to customers.

Now, it is pretty clear why this is wrong. If there is no support for 4G, and 4G devices are not available it is definitely not right to advertise the product. Apple has been in talks with various groups in regards to the false advertising and it looks like Apple might face some legal trouble if they do not quickly and correctly fix the problem.

The current proposed solution is that Apple will begin to refund Australian users either partially or fully depending on a variety of factors. For those customers that simply want a full refund, Apple will be more than happy to oblige. As for anyone that is just upset about the deal Apple has not actually announced what kind of refund will be presented. They are still in talks with the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission to decide what is necessary and correct to resolve this problem. For now Apple is not saying anything officially but in the next week or two Australian customers should have a pretty good idea what kind of refund they will be able to get.

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