Apple Macbook Air Compatible Flash Version in the Works

As you will already know , there is a lot of problems between Apple and Adobe at the moment and device such as the iPhone and the iPod Touch device will not allow Flash to be run on them in the web browsers. This is causing a lot of problems for a lot of the consumers that have the devices and when the latest edition of the Macbook Air was released just a couple of months ago, Apple also announced that the latest laptop would not be compatible with Adobe Flash.

Now, it is said that Adobe are in talks with Apple about making a version of their Flash software that is actually compatible with the Macbook Air device. Many of the users that have purchased one of the new Macbook Airs have been shocked by the way that Apple have not installed the Flash softarw on the device and also that adding Flash to the laptop actually takes away around 2 hours worth of battery time.

Because consumers are so unhappy about this, there are now talks between Apple and Flash about creating a version of the Flash software that is set to be compatible with the Macbook Air device. It will probably be a few months before the release of this software but it will see a good result for Macbook Air owners. We are yet to hear anything about an iPad or iPhone version of this Flash software however.

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